[R] NLME augPred Error

Yang, Richard dyang at NRCan.gc.ca
Wed Apr 7 17:20:38 CEST 2004

Dear all;

	This error has been posted to the list a couple of times, but no
answer / walk around solution is available. An example on P. 377 MEMSS

>plot(augPred(fm5CO2.nlme, levels=0:1), layout =c(6,2))

generates an error: "Error in predict.nlme(object, value[1:(nrow(value)/nL),
, drop = FALSE], : Levels Quebec, Mississippi not allowed for Type.

for nlme ver. 3.1-45 in R.1.8.1, but it works fine in Splus6.2 or earlier

The source code for augPred() is very cryptica and identical in both S+ and

function (object, primary = NULL, minimum = min(primary), maximum =
    length.out = 51, ...) 

The augPred() creates an augPred class object in S+ but generates the above
error in R. Is there any difference in nlme3 in S+ and nlme versions in R?

	Any ideas?


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