[R] Re: [R-gui] Editor in R

Randy Zelick zelickr at pdx.edu
Wed Apr 7 23:15:13 CEST 2004

Hello there,

I have been using WinEdt as a text editor for a while. I use it in a
simple general purpose way, and take advantage of just a few of the 100's
(1000s?) of features. I would say that used this way it is certainly not
more difficult than R. So it would seem that if you are successful
teaching R to biologists, additionally learning WinEdt should not push
anyone over the edge.

Still, another alternative is Pico, which you can get for free for

By the way, although Notepad works for R scripts, when I tried Wordpad it
did not. Probably puts whacko crapola at the end of each line.



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