[R] Problems with rlm

Ed Hagen e.hagen at biologie.hu-berlin.de
Thu Apr 8 10:57:50 CEST 2004

> Given what you have tried, I wonder whether the problem is 
> that 'cavg' and 'havg', produced by tapply, are not the 
> simple vectors that 'rlm' expects.  A simple way to check:
> cavg <- as.vector(cavg)
> havg <- as.vector(havg)
> then run rlm.

That worked! Many thanks.  Has there been a change in either MASS or R 
in this regard since R 1.7?  It was only after updating to R 1.8.1 that 
I had this problem.

Thanks again to all for your rapid replies,


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