[R] Getting R to complete a web form

Jason Turner jasont at indigoindustrial.co.nz
Fri Apr 9 00:34:13 CEST 2004

Corey Moffet wrote:

> Dear R-Help,
> I am testing a web based erosion model and I would like to get R to submit
> the http requests.  Now I make the requests manually and use R to extract
> the results by scan()ing a url() connection.  It would be nice if I could
> fully automate the process.  Any ideas/examples?  The model uses perl
> through CGI if that makes a difference.  The web form uses the post request
> method.

I usually "cheat" by pre-builing the form parameters into the URL, such as:


And just stick the parameters I need after the "?".

?connections  or ?url  (same page)



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