[R] pasting results into Word/Excel

Gabor Grothendieck ggrothendieck at myway.com
Sun Apr 11 21:28:56 CEST 2004

Gabor Grothendieck <ggrothendieck <at> myway.com> writes:

> Graham M Smith <graham.smith <at> myotis.co.uk> writes:
> : Is there some clever way of pasting results from R into Excel or Word, as 
> : tab limited format so they are easy to turn into a formatted table.
> Try this:
>    data(iris)   # get a test data frame
>    require(R2HTML)
>    HTML( iris, file("clipboard","w"), append=F )   
> Now go to Excel and press ctrl-V to paste it in.
> Once its in Excel you can copy and paste from there to Word.

I noticed that your response to other respondents indicate that you
want to display a summary.  Try something like this with the above

   HTML.matrix( summary(iris), file("clipboard", "w"), append=F )
   # paste into Excel

In Excel, with the table selected, you may wish to 
- set the cell width (Format | Column | Width) wider, say 12, and 
- right justify the matrix (click on right justify icon in toolbar)

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