[R] from .csv file to a pca plot

Dansen, Ing. M.C. DANSEN at voeding.tno.nl
Tue Apr 13 13:25:58 CEST 2004

I'm just a beginner, who has just encountered a problem!

1. -	I wanted to load a csv file with names in the rows (1st column)
   	and and numbers in the 2nd til 10th column. The file contains
names in the headers.

   - 	I used;  a <- as.matrix(read.table("filename", sep=',",
row.names=1, header=TRUE)

Question;	1 -	I would like to select the first four columns
		2 -	and execute a pca(plot) from the mva package on
those four columns
		3 -	how can I set the data type eg(string, integer,
double) separate for each column

Can anyone help me out, Help!

Thanks in advance,




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