[R] Weird Error

Bret Collier bacolli at uark.edu
Wed Apr 14 17:37:19 CEST 2004


I hope this is not a uniformed question, but I am a little lost.

I ran into a problem this morning and I was wondering if anyone had
seen it before.  I was trying to summarize each column of a data set
(150,000 rows, ~50mb, so it was a relatively big file) imported from a text
file using the below code;

data.summary <- read.csv("c:/summary.txt", sep="")
data.summary <- as.matrix(data.summary)
my.summary <- function(x){
    return(c(min=min(x),max=max(x), mean=mean(x)))}
apply(data.summary, 2, my.summary)

And I got this weird error that I can not find out anything about?

"Process R unknown signal at Wed Apr 14 08:17:22 2004"

Have you seen anything like this before?  Do you think it is the size of
the dataset that is causing the problem, since the same code works for
25000 rows (~17mb) and gives the correct results (I cross-checked in SAS 
and EXCEL).

I was using R 1.8.0 in Xemacs.


Bret Collier

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