[R] Weird Error

Douglas Bates bates at stat.wisc.edu
Thu Apr 15 00:12:57 CEST 2004

Bret Collier <bacolli at uark.edu> writes:

> I hope this is not a uniformed question, but I am a little lost.
> I ran into a problem this morning and I was wondering if anyone had
> seen it before.  I was trying to summarize each column of a data set
> (150,000 rows, ~50mb, so it was a relatively big file) imported from a text
> file using the below code;
> data.summary <- read.csv("c:/summary.txt", sep="")
> data.summary <- as.matrix(data.summary)
> my.summary <- function(x){
>     return(c(min=min(x),max=max(x), mean=mean(x)))}
> apply(data.summary, 2, my.summary)

Peter responded about the error.   You may be able to circumvent the
error by using

apply(data.summary, 2, range)

to get the minimum and maximum and 


to get the means.  Those are internal functions and will generate less
overhead (and fewer copies) than calls to your own function.

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