[R] install.packages

R. Heberto Ghezzo heberto.ghezzo at mcgill.ca
Thu Apr 15 18:16:03 CEST 2004

I just downloaded RW1090. No problems. My thanks to everybody involved in the
project. I work in Win98
I updated my library, some problems with some files that were in the PACKAGES list
but not in 1.9/ site, now all are.
I tried to install "Zelig" from Harvard
this worked in 1.8.1 but now it appends "bin/windows/contrib/1.9" to the address
and of course it can not find the file and aborts with error 404
Is there a way around besides http'ing directly to harvard and getting the zip and
unzipping it in /library?
Heberto Ghezzo Ph.D.
McGill University
Montreal - Que - Canada

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