[R] I do not achieve to install some packages

Ko-Kang Kevin Wang k.wang at auckland.ac.nz
Thu Apr 15 22:17:29 CEST 2004


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> I can't load the packages locfit, lokern and quantreg.
> When I try to load the 3 packages the R program says that the
> pakages are not properly installed. He says to see the note
> in ?library.
> I think that the error is because there is no built field in
> the 3 packages.
> What can I do to make the packages run.

Can you tell us how you installed it?  It would help.  Also which
version of R are you using?

If you installed it within Rgui, by going to Packages -> Install
packages from CRAN..., then it should definitely work.



Ko-Kang Kevin Wang, MSc(Hon)
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