[R] Size of R user base

Alberto Murta amurta at ipimar.pt
Tue Apr 20 19:58:53 CEST 2004

On Tuesday 20 April 2004 15:02, Philippe Grosjean wrote:

> No software is eternel. I think a good picture of the change in time of R
> users would be an interesting tool to have an idea on how well it fits or
> don't fit users' needs. Moreover, if you develop for both R and S-PLUS, and
> think to develop only for one software only in the future, it would be nice
> to know what fraction of the "S language and environment" users you miss
> this way.

I think this kind of marketing concerns don't have much to do with a 
cooperative software project like R. There is a direct way of knowing user's 
needs -- and that is subscribing to this list. 
If R is going to become obsolete one day, it will probably more because of 
lack of developers than because of lack of users, and there isn't always a 
linear relation between these two.

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