[R] Creating variable names

Pierre Kleiber pkleiber at honlab.nmfs.hawaii.edu
Wed Apr 21 00:25:34 CEST 2004

If I understand your problem, it's easy in R too....

 > x<-("mydates")
 > y<-c("foo1","foo2","foo3") #where "foon" were vectors
 > plot(x,y[1],type="n")
 > for(i in seq(length(y))) points(x, get(y[1]), pch=i)

Cheers, Pierre

Gene Hammel wrote:
> My apologies for asking what is doubtless a dumb question, but I have 
> scant experience in R.
> It would be very convenient in doing lots of plots to be able to do them 
> in a loop that stepped through a vector of variable names. For example 
> one could say
> x<-("mydates")
> y<-c("foo1","foo2","foo3") #where "foon" were vectors
> plot(x,y[1],type="n")
> points(x,y[1])
> points(x,y[2],pch=2)
> points(x,y[3],pch=3)
> This is pretty easy in Perl, but of course Perl is not for plotting. Of 
> course one could construct a data structure in R that would hold what 
> was wanted and maybe that is the way to go. But I thought I would ask, 
> if you have the patience to get this far with what is, I suspect, a 
> silly question from a novice.
> Thanks.
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