[R] Re:Importing SPSS Data Entry data files

Michael Bibo Michael_Bibo at health.qld.gov.au
Fri Apr 23 03:53:00 CEST 2004

On 16 Apr, Unung Istopo Hartanto asked about using R library 'foreign' to import SPSS Data Entry data files.  SPSS Data Entry is an application that allows for the creation of formatted data entry forms (as does EpiInfo, Epidata and CSPro (all free downloads)).  As such it creates the usual SPSS data files, but adds forms information, which the 'foreign' package does not know how to handle.
The solution is relatively simple: SPSS Data Entry Builder itself allows for the exporting of the data file without the forms information (File -> Export -> Data).  This gives you a 'standard' SPSS data file, which you can import into R using the 'foreign' library, or through R Commander.

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