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thsudler@swissonline.ch thsudler at swissonline.ch
Fri Apr 23 15:47:46 CEST 2004


I've a problem with the following example:

.Tcl("array unset tclArray")

myRarray <- matrix(1:1000, ncol=20)

for (i in (0:49))
  for (j in (0:19))
     .Tcl(paste("set tclArray(",i,",",j,") ",myRarray[i+1,j+1],sep=""))

table1 <- tkwidget(tt,"table",variable="tclArray", rows="50", cols="50")


#Old version which worked in R 1.6 but it doesn't work with R 1.9 (and also not with 1.8), why??
tkcmd(.Tk.ID(table1),"tag","celltag","gruen",list(c("3,3", "4,4", "5,5", "6,6", "7,7", "8,8")))
#Error message: Error in switch(storage.mode(x), character = .External("RTcl_ObjFromCharVector",  :  Cannot handle object of mode  list

#But this works also with R 1.9

Under R version 1.6 I had no problem. Now I installed R 1.9 (with ActiveTcl) and my program doesn't work. Maybe you ask why I’m not using the solution which works. It's because I've a list with thousands of coordiantes of cells which I want to have green, a list with thousands of coordinates of cells which I want to have blue, and so on.

If I do this in a "for loop", it needs about 5 minutes until all the cells have the color I want (because it's a really big table). Also with "lapply" it needs about 3 minutes. In R version 1.6 (where it worked with a "list") the table was generated in less than 1 second!

I would be very grateful if somebody could help me. Thanks a lot in advance!


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