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Nathan Whitehouse nlwhitehouse at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 23 17:03:07 CEST 2004


  Here's some suggestions for troubleshooting the

  The CLASSPATH needs to be 

This allows the java compiler/interpreter to find
  1)the ROmegahatInterpreter and REvaluator classes(in
a org/omegahat/R/Java tree under SJava
  2)& the base omegahat interpreter libraries from
which the ROmegahatInterpreter & REvaluator classes
descend.(Found in those jar files)

   on Unix-like systems,
  the LD_LIBRARY_PATH has to point to the shared
objects(so)/dynamic linking libraries, usually in 

  These .so/.dll files have to be symbolically linked
to other names.  This is because the Java/JNI loader
needs a specific naming convention to load symbol
libraries/shared objects(something to do with platform

  R INSTALL -c SJava-version.tar.gz
  (-c executes a cleanup script which performs the

  I would doublecheck to make sure you have R compiled
as a shared library.  Easily- look in R_HOME/bin for
libR.so. (or, I assume libR.dll)

  Hope some of this will help.
  happy pinball,
I downloaded it and installed it with all the
recommended options. I
created the LD_LIBRARY_PATH
environment variable but my java compiler (latest
version) can't find
packages like org.omegahat.R.java and cannot resolve
symbol (class) 
REvaluator, RForeignReference...  any idea ?

many thanks for answering my last question I promise !
best regards,

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