[R] RE: [Rd] a simple suggestion for the next version of R windows

Tao Shi shitao at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 25 05:34:47 CEST 2004

Hi, Andy:

Thanks!  I think it also depends on people's working hobby.

What you suggested is a good way around it.  But I'm still thinking since 
the R window already has the big blue R logo to identify itself, the word "R 
console" is really redundant and could be replaced by something more 
informative.  Not nesessarly everytime you change to a new diretory, you 
need to change to a new identifier, but at least the every first .RData file 
you loaded.  I don't know.......  Something along that line.  It will be 
very helpful when you use Alt+Tab to move between windows, b/c all you see 
are "R console"s.......


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I don't see how this can work.  I frequently run only one R session (also in
SDI), but change working directories several times during the session, with
or without loading the workspace files in those directories, depending on
what I need to do.  I don't think the Window title can change every time I
do setwd("somewhereElse"); load(".RData").

One possibility that could probably help you is to change the R command
prompt from "> " to the current working directory plus "> ".  I believe this
can be done with the taskCallbackManager().


 > From: Tao Shi
 > Is it possible to replace the word "R Console" on the title
 > bar (is it what
 > it's called? It's the blue area above menu bar) with the name
 > of the work
 > space file you're using or loaded, so people who are runing multple R
 > sessions at same time can identify them immediately.  I'm
 > using 1.9.0 in SDI
 > mode.
 > Thanks,
 > ...Tao
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