[R] label separators in boxplots with conditioning

Webb Sprague wwsprague at ucdavis.edu
Wed Apr 28 18:41:22 CEST 2004

Hi R-helpers,

I have a data.frame with three columns (lots more reps though in each), 
like so:

'FOO'    'BAR'    'RESULT'
1           .01                75
1           .05                12
1.1        .01                100
1.1        .05                50
1.2        .01                75
1.2        .05                12

I am calling boxplot(RESULT ~ FOO:BAR, ...)  This gives me the box plots 
I want, but on the x-axis my labels are "1.01", "1.05", "1.1.01", 
"1.1.05", "1.2.01", "1.2.01".  I would like to separate the factors by 
something other than a dot for obvious reasons.  I would also like to 
*avoid* using the 'names' parameter to boxplot (because I am lazy and 
want a general solution).

Please cc me directly as I read the list on digest

Thanks again to such a helpful list!

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