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Matej Cepl cepl at surfbest.net
Thu Apr 29 16:12:04 CEST 2004

On Thursday 29 of April 2004 07:49, Susana Bird wrote:
> my problem is following. I know Stata, but currently I have to 
use R. Could You please help in finding the analogy to R.

I am too clueless about Stata, but I have another hint (check 
"Introduction to R" whether I have guessed correctly for what 
you want to do):

> g byte city=0

I have no clue what does it is supposed to mean (initialize city 
with zeroes? But how can you test for its value then?).

> replace city=1 if city==12&year==2000

What about this?

	city <- city[city == "12" & year == "2000"]

Take a look at this example:

	> city <- cbind(rnorm(100,50,10),0)
	> city
	> city[,2] <- as.logical(city[,1]<"50")
	> city

Does it make any sense to you?


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