[R] geoR y-scale problem

ashley ballantyne apb14 at duke.edu
Thu Apr 29 16:23:14 CEST 2004

I am attempting to use the Bayesian kriging function in geoR by Ribeiro 
and I am encountering a problem with the "image" command.
The program is not responsive to the "ylim" command, such that:

image(temp.bayes,loc=pred.grid,col=rainbow(25, start=.6, 
end=.1),xlab="Longitude",ylab="Latitude", ylim=c(-30,30),borders=NULL)
legend.krige(y.leg=c(-150,-140), x.leg=c(-150,150), 
values=temp.bayes$predictive$mean.simulations,col=rainbow(25, start=.6, 
map('worldHires', ylim=c(-30,30), add=TRUE,interior=FALSE)
title(expression(paste("a.)",Delta, "T", degree,C)))

fails to generate a figure with the y-axis from 30 degrees south to 30 
degrees north.  Interestingly, the image command is responsive to the "xlim"

image(temp.bayes,loc=pred.grid,col=rainbow(25, start=.6, 
end=.1),xlab="Longitude",ylab="Latitude", xlim=c(-30,30),borders=NULL)

but this changes the scale of both the y and x axes.  I have tried 
exporting the gridded data to the base R package to use the standard  
"image" command; however the data are in a very cumbersome format.  
Please help if you have encountered such a problem.

Thank you,

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