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Thu Apr 29 17:39:04 CEST 2004

On 29-Apr-04 Thomas Lumley wrote:
> On Thu, 29 Apr 2004, John Maindonald wrote:
>> This is, of course, not strictly about R.  But if there should be
>> a decision to pursue such matters on this list, then we'd need
>> another list to which such discussion might be diverted.
> Ted Harding started such a list (stats-discuss) quite some time ago.
> IIRC it was to divert discussions like this from allstat.

I did indeed! But it hardly ever received any postings -- my suspicion,
which was reinforced by private comments from a number of people, was
that because it ws *not* allstat (and therefore would not catch the eye
of UK people that posters might hope to reach) it could not be expected
to. As one person put it: "One list to find them all ... ".

The R list is special, in many ways, and you can get views and information
on practically anything from some of the best in the world, so long as
it is R-related (even sometimes remotely). The present thread was
started by Greg Tarpinian asking a question in a place where he thought
he might get a response, even though not in an R context (though it
seems oone may develop -- linking R to Bayesian inference).

After a few public postings, interested parties have retired to another
(where others are welcome to join us) for a while; we now number 6.

Agreed it could be continued on another list (even stats-discuss,
which still exists though totally dormant), but this may not suit
everyone. Things are doing fine at the moment. But it might prove
to be a useful overspill area from teh R list -- someone starts
a ball rolling which doesn;t relly belong here, and other could
chase it on stats-discuss. So I'm keeping options open.

There's also a list stat-l at lists.mcgill.ca which is active, though
comfortably low-traffic.

Best wishes to all,

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