[R] Code for quasi-likelihood binomial estimation

Sundar Dorai-Raj sundar.dorai-raj at PDF.COM
Fri Apr 30 20:12:07 CEST 2004

Gordon Fredericks wrote:

> Hello,
> Has anyone written up code to estimate for example a simple logit using 
> quasi-likelihood?  I know that glm() already does this, but I'd like to 
> do some tinkering with the variance function beyond what glm() allows.  
> I've scanned online sources and everyone seems to use glm().  Will take 
> a crack at it if necessary but have zero experience w/q-likelihood and 
> not that much with coding; thought I'd check here first so as not to 
> reinvent the wheel, perhaps learn a bit from what others have already done.
> Thanks,
> GF

See ?quasibinomial.

?glm would have pointed you to ?family which would have shown you the 
quasi family.


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