[R] GlmmPQL

aleid2001 at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 2 16:16:42 CEST 2004

Dear friends,

I am apologise to ask again about PQL, because I did
not receive any answer from the first question.

Is it possible to fit a crossed random effects model
 using glmmPQL and, because I tyred to use this codes 

family=binomial, data=sala.data)>

 for the random effects part , but dos not give me the
same result as in the literatures, in particular, for
the random effects, and when I change the number of
groups it gives me different  result. So, If any one
has an idea, pleas help me

Note that the data what I am trying to fit are the
salamander mating data

E-mail:aleid2001 at yahoo.com

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