[R] Question on Differentiating Two Populations in R

James R. Graham jamesrgraham at mac.com
Sun Aug 8 03:38:32 CEST 2004

Hello All,

Forgive me if this a blatantly newbie question or not germane to the 
list, but i was wondering if my current approach to my problem is the 
best way in R.

I have two experimental datasets (positive and negative) of differing 
lengths and a large number of ways of numerically expressing the data 
by using various scales to represent each data point.

I am looking for a scale that will allow me to differentiate between 
the positive and negative populations.

Each dataset is simply a list of numbers: 43 numbers in the positive 
case and 9 in the negative (small sets, i know, but it's all the data i 
currently have) and I have hundreds of scales.

I assign each dataset to a variable using scan() (each are in separate 

My initial comparison of the two datasets is simply a boxplot with the 
hope that the two do not overlap too much...

Is this the way you would approach this problem? Is there an easier way 
of doing this in R?

Any and all help is greatly appreciated!


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