[R] R packages install problems linux - X not found (WhiteBox EL 3)

Douglas Bates bates at wisc.edu
Sun Aug 8 19:32:07 CEST 2004

Dr Mike Waters wrote:

> I am used to using R under Windows, but have done an install of 1.9.1 under
> WhiteBox linux 3 (based on RHEL 3). This all went without a hitch, along
> with most of the additional package installs. However, while trying to
> install car and rgl I hit a problem regarding the X environment not being
> found. As I was doing the install from a console *within* the X environment,
> this is obviously down to a missing environment variable or link. The X11
> directories all seem to be in the usual places. I've checked as much as I
> can through the archives and googled around, but to no avail. Any help
> appreciated.

Or a missing development package.  In many Linux distributions the 
include files for X11 are in a separate package from the run-time 
libraries.  I have never used WhiteBox Linux but I imagine that will be 
the case for that distribution too.  Check to see if there is a package 
with a name like xlibs-dev or x-dev.

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