[R] /minus or /hyphen in PS output

M.Kondrin mkondrin at hppi.troitsk.ru
Tue Aug 10 15:25:07 CEST 2004

Dear R devolepers!
Wouldn't you change src/main/devPS.c file (patch will follow). Problem 
is  with  minus sign in ps output. The original code forces the name 
/minus to the character number 45 (-). But /minus symbol is not defined 
in standard Adobe encoding and (even worse) is not defined in most type1 
fonts (where the name /hyphen is used instead), in this case you will 
have an empty space instead of -. Redefining encoding for this fonts 
does not help because encoding vector in ps output got "corrected" and 
/hyphen (or any other name I have selected for 45'th character) is 
replaced with /minus. I have tried this patch and it works for me.


<       //      if(c == 45) strcpy(dest, "/minus"); else
<           strcpy(dest, state->p0);
 >       if(c == 45) strcpy(dest, "/minus"); else strcpy(dest, state->p0);

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