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ivo_welch-rstat8783@mailblocks.com ivo_welch-rstat8783 at mailblocks.com
Sat Aug 14 21:10:44 CEST 2004

is anyone writing an R cookbook (ala the perl cookbook)?  this would be 
more for programming and graphics task than a statistics textbook.   
This seems more like a manufacturing defect than a random occurrance.

if not, if I can fit it into my schedule, I may start one slowly on my 
website based on snippets I needed and/or found---maybe even for 
eventual publication.   obviously, I am not a great choice for 
authoring such a book, because I am not a Rexpert.  I really would 
rather just buy one from someone else than write one.

please drop me a note, either if you
  [a] know of someone who is writing such a book, or
   [b] information that I would find useful, and for which I could 
obtain non-exclusive permission to include it in a published book (of 
course, with proper attribution to the real authors/inventors).



ivo welch
professor of finance and economics
brown / nber / yale

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