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Randy Zelick zelickr at pdx.edu
Mon Aug 16 19:48:36 CEST 2004

Hello there,

Using 1.9.0 on WinXP...

I have a data frame, one column of which is named "rate". The column has
text entries like "fast", "medium", "slow", "very slow", and so forth. I
have not tried to make them factors, but maybe R did this automatically.

Anyway, I would like to display on the console rows that meet a rate

So I want to type something like:


and get back this sort of output:

test  subject  trial  rate  score

 34    B27      3     slow   27
 55    B55      4     slow   34

where test, subject, trial, rate, and score are all the
dataframe's columns.

How do I do that??



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