[R] Getting data loaded

Jim Lemon jim.lemon at uts.edu.au
Thu Aug 19 02:01:13 CEST 2004


I have been informed of a bug in the concord package, in that the data files 
containing the tabulated critical values for Kendall's W are not loaded on 
the command library(concord).

I had assumed that the lines in install.R would correspond to the commands to 
load data in R, e.g.


While these work on the command line, I get the errors:

Warning messages:
1: Data set 'Wcrit01' not found in: data(Wcrit01)
2: Data set 'Wcrit05' not found in: data(Wcrit05)

The section on this in R-exts doesn't seem to have any information on how to 
write the lines in install.R, nor does Checking and Building Packages. I 
managed to locate a few install.R files in other packages, but they were all 
empty. Any hints?


Dr Jim Lemon
Research Psychologist
Health Psychology Unit
University of Technology, Sydney

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