[R] How to convert a vector into a list

S Peri biocperi at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 19 18:20:41 CEST 2004

Dear group, 
Apologies for asking the most chomped FAQ.

I have a file with list of gene names(genes.txt):

I have another object in R, I do not know the data
type for that object that looks like this
"RABGGTA"   "MAPK3"     "TIE" "CYP2C19" 

> lidnames[1:10]
 100_g_at   1000_at   1001_at 1002_f_at 1003_s_at    
"RABGGTA"   "MAPK3"     "TIE" "CYP2C19"    "BLR1" 

I want to pick list of genes from lidnames object that
are in genes.txt.  I am using %in% function.


> mygenes[mygenes %in% lidnames]
NULL data frame with 164 rows

I am unable to pullout genes from lidnames object.

Is it because that lidnames is as a list type and
mygenes object is as a vector/matrix type.

How can I convert mygenes to list type where I can
have the elements:


I think in this way I can pull out the names from
lidnames object or any other complex matrix. 

Please help me. 

Thank you

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