[R] column names in data.frame

Louize Hill louize99 at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Aug 20 01:26:15 CEST 2004

Dear R-help,
Please can someone explain how to put a column name on an output data.frame.

##Starting with a data.frame with 3 columns (d$Year, d$NoIndiv, d$wtd_tl)

yr_ind <- split (d$NoIndiv, d$Year)
yr_tl <- split (d$wtd_tl, d$Year)

ann_ind <- sapply (yr_ind, sum)
ann_tl <- sapply (yr_tl, sum)

av_tl <- ann_tl/ann_ind

d2<- data.frame (av_tl)

##This gives me a data.frame with columns, the second of which has a column
name (av_tl)
I have tried
> d2<- data.frame (year = x, av_tl)
> d2<- data.frame (x="year", av_tl)
> d2<- data.frame (x="year", av_tl, check.names = TRUE)
> d2<- data.frame (year, av_tl)

as well as several combinations with cbind, as.matrix, etc...
I cannot relate the examples given in ?data.frame with my problem or find a
similar problem in the archives.

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