[R] probability histogram question

Joseph LeBouton lebouton at msu.edu
Fri Aug 20 01:56:41 CEST 2004

Hello, all;

I get an unexpected result when trying to plot a probability histogram
with R1.9.1 on windows xp:

#with the following code:

> x <- runif(100,0,1)
> hist(x)
> hist(x, freq=F)
> h <- hist(x, freq=F)
> summary(h)

#            Length Class  Mode
#breaks      11     -none- numeric
#counts      10     -none- numeric
#intensities 10     -none- numeric
#density     10     -none- numeric
#mids        10     -none- numeric
#xname        1     -none- character
#equidist     1     -none- logical

# The help file says that <h$density>  holds the values
#	plotted in the probability histogram.  If that's the
#	case, I'd expect that the sum of h$density for a histogram
	where freq=F would equal 1.0 ...  However:

> sum(h$density)

#returns the value :
#[1] 10

I would really like to plot values in the probablility histogram that
sum to 1, not 10.  Is there a switch in the hist(x) command that I'm
missing?  Or, is there another function that can do this?

Thanks in advance,


Joseph P. LeBouton
Forest Ecology PhD Candidate
Department of Forestry
Michigan State University
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