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Martin Maechler maechler at stat.math.ethz.ch
Mon Aug 23 17:57:26 CEST 2004

>>>>> "Roger" == Roger D Peng <rpeng at jhsph.edu>
>>>>>     on Mon, 23 Aug 2004 11:37:57 -0400 writes:

    Roger> There is also a digest option which is only mailed once daily.
    Roger> -roger

and there's an option to 
    "don't get mail for the time being"
which I really recommend for people going away for a while who
don't even want to receive daily digests.

You can unset that option when you come back
(more easily than subscribe anew) and it gives a bit better
statistics about the number of R-help subscribers ;-)

-- and BTW: messages like the original shouldn't even make it to
   be posted the list; I do try trashing them before they waste everyone's
   time. At least subscribers should find out where to send such
   mails.  But this one slipped through my filters ...

Martin Maechler {Mailing list maintainer}

    Roger> Almirall, Daniel wrote:

    >> R-help is a pretty incredible service.  Are you sure you
    >> would like to unsubscribe?

    >> If you have concerns about your inbox getting so full, you may want to try a FILTER of some sort--Pine, Outlook, Eudora, etc... all of these have this option.  You can have all emails with "[R]" in the subject line routed to your very own "R-help Folder" (which you can create).  Then visit that folder whenever you want to get in on a good convo or learn new tricks.
    >> CheeRs, Danny
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    >> "Betten, Mark" <Mark.Betten at vai.org> writes:
    >>> I would like to unsubscribe to the R help list so that my email box
    >>> doesn't get so full.  I've tried several times to unsubscribe at
    >>> r-project.org, but I keep getting emails.  How do I successfully
    >>> unsubscribe?  Thanks
    >> .....
    >>> R-help at stat.math.ethz.ch mailing list
    >>> https://stat.ethz.ch/mailman/listinfo/r-help
    >> Did you visit that page? (not r-project.org...)
    >> Did you receive a confirmation request? And reply to it? (I think you
    >> need that. I don't often unsubscribe myself...)
    >> Did you wait long enough? If you unsubscribe, you will get removed
    >> from the list of recipients for any new messages, but things that are
    >> already in outgoing mail folders will not be actively removed from the
    >> server.

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