[R] rgl installation problems

Xun Liu xliu5 at uky.edu
Tue Aug 24 16:42:11 CEST 2004

It is indeed the following problem. I used the RPM installation as of July 20, 2004 and had the same problem installing rgl. After fixing the following line in the Makeconf file ("-share" is missing), the installation of rgl went successfully.

>This is a little strange.  I'm now building RPMS for older Red Hat versions on FC2 using a tool called Mach.  There is a possibility that
>there is some configuration problem, but I can't see it. As Brian has pointed out, you are missing the crucial "-shared" flag when building
>the shared library for rgl. This comes from the line
>in the file /usr/lib/R/etc/Makeconf.  This is present in my latest RPM for Red Hat ( R-1.9.1-0.fdr.2.rh90.i386.rpm ) so I don't know why it
>isn't working for you.

>>Here's what should happen on RH9 (with the latest libpng and gcc in /usr/local/lib) 
>>g++ -shared -L/usr/local/lib -o rgl.so x11lib.o x11gui.o types.o math.o fps.o pixmap.o gui.o api.o device.o devicemanager.o rglview.o scene.o 
>>glgui.o -L/usr/X11R6/lib -L/usr/local/lib -Wl,-rpath,/usr/local/lib -lpng12 -lz -lm -lstdc++ -lX11 -lXext -lGL -lGLU -lpng12 -lz -lm 

>>Note that he had no --shared but did have crt1.o, that is was trying to build a standalone executable and not a shared object. 

>>Something is wrong with the R installation's rules to make shared libraries. 

>>On Fri, 25 Jun 2004, Duncan Murdoch wrote: 

>> On Fri, 25 Jun 2004 17:36:30 +0000, "E GCP" <egcp at hotmail.com> wrote : 
>> >Hi! 
>> > 
>> >I'm new to R, but have worked with Splus before. I installed several 
>> >packages in R (R-1.9.1) without problems, but when I try to install rgl 
>> >(rgl_0.64-13.tar.gz). I get the following, and the package does not install. 
>> >Any help would be greatly appreciated. I'm running R in redhat 9. 
>> The missing reference R_InputHandlers is declared in the 
>> $RHOME/src/include/R_ext/eventloop.h file, and I believe is compiled 
>> into the library R_X11 (with some extension). You don't seem to have 
>> that in the list of libraries: 
>> >g++ -L/usr/local/lib -o rgl.so x11lib.o x11gui.o types.o math.o fps.o 
>> >pixmap.o 
>> >gui.o api.o device.o devicemanager.o rglview.o scene.o glgui.o 
>> >-L/usr/X11R6/lib 
>> >-L/usr/lib -lstdc++ -lX11 -lXext -lGL -lGLU -lpng 
>> >/usr/lib/gcc-lib/i386-redhat-linux/3.2.2/../../../crt1.o(.text+0x18): In 
>> >functio 
>> >n `_start': 
>> >../sysdeps/i386/elf/start.S:77: undefined reference to `main' 
>> >x11lib.o(.text+0x84): In function `set_R_handler': 
>> >/tmp/R.INSTALL.8663/rgl/src/x11gui.h:33: undefined reference to 
>> >`R_InputHandlers 
>> I don't know what you'll need to do to fix this, since I'm using 
>> Windows, so none of this stuff happens there, and I could be 
>> completely wrong about it.

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