[R] Problems with Heatmap

Liaw, Andy andy_liaw at merck.com
Wed Aug 25 14:03:11 CEST 2004

By `filling up the page with heatmap', do you mean the image map on the
lower right corner of a typical heatmap?  If so, that's just image(), so you
can use that directly.


> From: michael watson (IAH-C)
> Hi
> I am having some problems getting my heatmap to be the right 
> size!  Let
> me explain.  I am experienced at getting an hclust or a dendrogram
> object to be the right size.  
> For example, I have a dataset which has 4000 rows, which I clustered
> using hclust and I wanted to plot it as a horizontal dendrogram.  So I
> used jpeg(), set the image height to be 4000 and plotted the 
> dendrogram
> and got the result I expected - ie the dendrogram filled up the whole
> image and I had roughly one pixel per row of data.  However, if I run
> heatmap() instead of hclust(), the resulting image DOES NOT 
> fill up the
> whole jpeg() - instead, it sits right in the middle of it, 
> the same size
> as it would be if I had ran heatmap() normally into an x11() window.
> I've figured out how to use the margins= argument of heatmap() to set
> the margins, but how do I make my heatmap fill up all of the available
> space in a jpeg()?
> Mick

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