[R] Problems with par() and labels with boxplot

michael watson (IAH-C) michael.watson at bbsrc.ac.uk
Thu Aug 26 11:10:01 CEST 2004

Yes, I thought of that, but when one is creating lots of images
automatically, one doesn't always know how long one's labels are in

So I guess I need to check how long my labels are and truncate them if
they are too large, or adjust the margins if they are just slightly
bigger than normal.

The different behaviour between Windows and Linux is a bit odd though
(see my previous post)


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> Quite a simple one really!
> When I run boxplot(), the labels on the X axis are horizontal, and I 
> want them vertical.  So I did:
> par(las=3)
> boxplot(...)
> And my labels just aren't there anymore....
> Any help???

You may need to make space for them. par(mar=....)



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