[R] suggestions motivated by quest for remainders

Ben Wittner bwittner at jimmy.harvard.edu
Mon Aug 30 16:37:58 CEST 2004

Some time ago I tried to find out how to compute remainders in R.
I now know that it is done with %%, which is documented in help('+'),
but before someone told me that I tried:
  help('remainder'), help.search('remainder'), apropos('remainder')
  help('modulo'), help.search('modulo'), and apropos('modulo')
all of which yielded nothing.
I then tried help.search('mod') which yielded many pages of output, none
of which seemed to be relevant to remainders.

1) Easy to implement small suggestion:
Add 'remainder' and 'modulus' as aliases to the help page for '+'.

2) Hard to implement suggestion:
Add full-text search options to help.search(). If that were the case, 
help.search('mod') would have yielded '+' among its pages of output.
I believe this would be very helpful in various situations (e.g., when
trying to find out how to set xlim).


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