[R] appending data to a dataframe

Dewez Thomas t.dewez at brgm.fr
Tue Aug 31 14:05:59 CEST 2004

Dear R users,

I am sorry to ask you such a pathetic newbie question, but how does one
append data at the end of a data frame?
I am working with GRASS/R library, but the question is about R.
I have a data.frame containing the following variables
basinID, distoutlet, drainage_area, slope

These variables are stored for all pixels of Grass Raster objects. For each
drainage basin (basinID), I'd like to find the maximum of distoutlet. How
can I store the pair of info (bv$ID, max(bv$distoutlet)) at each step of the
for loop ?

I presume something like this could do

for (i 1:max(basinID)){
bid <- i
length <- max(distoutlet[which(basinID == I(i))])

But how do I handle the output and record bid and length in parallel in an

Any hint is welcome

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