[R] Rcmdr X11 protocol error message

Peter Dalgaard p.dalgaard at biostat.ku.dk
Tue Aug 31 21:37:14 CEST 2004

Michael Bibo <mbibo at qldnet.com.au> writes:

> John Fox <jfox <at> mcmaster.ca> writes:
> > 
> > Dear Michael,
> > 
> > A question: Do you observe these problems with tcltk in general or just with
> > the Rcmdr package? Is it possible for you to test a Tcl/Tk program outside
> > of R?
> > 
> And Peter asked which version of Tcl/Tk.
> Apparently my system has version 8.4 installed, specifically:
> Tcl-8.4.5-3-mdk (tclsh8.4) and Tk-8.4.5-3-mdk (libtk8.4.so).  As I understand
> it, these are installed from RPMs on the installation DVD, and I note that they
> are mandrake specific.
> John - I wasn't sure if I had any other Tcl/Tk applications installed (it's not
> always obvious when installing from RPM's).  I have certainly not encountered
> these error messages with any other application.  I quickly downloaded "WISH
> Supernotepad 1.2.3".  This application requires Tcl/Tk 8.4 or greater.  There
> are no graphics window in this application, but plenty of dialogue boxes.  It
> gave no errors.  Is this an appropriate test?
> If this is a mandrake-configuration-specific problem, it may not be worth
> spending too much time investigating, as R Commandr still works.  I can always
> try re-installing Tcl/Tk from source when/if I have time.

I don't think we have evidence that it's the Tcl installation,
although it could be (Google suggests that there have been problems
with at least some versions, although most references seem rather
old). I can't seem to reproduce the effect with SUSE's tk-8.4.6-28
either. If it is a bug in Rcmdr, then we'd want to find it and you
have the only handle on it....

BTW, sometimes Tk errors allow you to see a trace of the execution.
Would this happen to be one of those situations?

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