[R] ordering and plotting question

Simon Melov smelov at mac.com
Mon Feb 2 21:13:33 CET 2004

I am trying to plot several rows out of a list of thousands. I have 40 
columns, and about 16,000 rows with the following Df structure.

ID X01 X02 X03..X40
AI456 45 64 23...
AI943 14 3 45 ..
AI278 78 12 68..
BW768 -2 -7 34..

My question is, I have a list of 100 IDs generated elsewhere 
(Df-"Ofinterest"), I would like to plot the 100 IDs from that data 
frame over the 40 columns (40 points per ID, with each column being 1 x 
value). But I cant figure out how to retrieve the values from the main 
Df and plot them. Ive tried looking at order, rank etc, but these seem 
to apply to numbers, and not text strings.



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