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Roger Bivand Roger.Bivand at nhh.no
Tue Feb 3 11:34:06 CET 2004

On Tue, 3 Feb 2004, Janus Larsen wrote:

> Hi R-Help,
> I would like to make filled contour maps of ocean data overlaid by
> costlines from the map package.
> I can draw the filled contours and the coastlines om the same plot, but
> the filled contour also covers part of the land. To get rid of that I
> tried to draw a filled coastline map on top of the filled contour, but
> the filled map only draws the closed contours - so most of the land is
> missing.
> Example:
> map("worldHires",xlim=c(0,15),ylim=c(50,60)) #Draw relevant region
> (North Sea and Denmark waters)
> map("worldHires",xlim=c(0,15),ylim=c(50,60),fill=TRUE) # This only draws
> Denmark and Holland (Sweden, uk, Germany etc. disappears because they
> are not closed polygons).

Looks as though you can use the regions= argument:

> res <- map("worldHires",xlim=c(0,15),ylim=c(50,60), plot=FALSE, 
+ namesonly=TRUE)
> res
 [1] "Denmark"                     "USSR"                       
 [3] "Netherlands"                 "Netherlands:IJsselmeer"     
 [5] "France"                      "Czechoslovakia"             
 [7] "Poland"                      "Germany"                    
 [9] "Luxembourg"                  "Belgium"                    
[11] "Norway"                      "Sweden"                     
[13] "Germany:Usedom"              "Netherlands:South"          
[15] "Germany:Langeoog"            "Denmark:Mors"               
[17] "Denmark:Mon"                 "Lake Fjerritslev"           
[19] "UK:Great Britain"            "Denmark:Samso"              
[21] "Netherlands:Ameland"         "Netherlands:Terschelling"   
[23] "Denmark:Als"                 "Denmark:Sjaelland"          
[25] "Denmark:Fyn"                 "Netherlands:Schiermonnikoog"
[27] "Denmark:Laeso"               "Sweden:Orust"               
[29] "Germany:Borkum"              "Denmark:Lolland"            
[31] "Netherlands:Texel"           "Netherlands:Flevoland"      
[33] "Norway:Sunnhordland"         "UK:Isle of Sheppey"         
[35] "Denmark:Langeland"           "Denmark:Bornholm"           
[37] "Germany:Fehmarn"             "Germany:Rugen"              
[39] "Germany:Norderney"           "Norway:Karmoy"       
> map("worldHires",xlim=c(0,15),ylim=c(50,60))
> map("worldHires",regions=res, fill=TRUE, add=TRUE)

fixes it for me. Curiously, the longitudes add 2.5 degrees on each side.


PS. For film viewers who enjoyed "Good bye, Lenin!", we still provide 
region="USSR" above!

> Any hint on how to fix this problem or a different approach is most
> welcome.
> Janus
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