[R] erroneous additional weighting in plot.lm for glm objetcs?

Ulrich Halekoh Ulrich.Halekoh at agrsci.dk
Fri Feb 6 18:19:11 CET 2004


In 'plot.lm' the deviance residuals
for a glm object are  
multiplied by the  square root of the objects weights
in the computation of the standardized deviance residuals.

But the deviance residuals contain already the 
square root of the prior weights as a factor.

Is the weighting in plot.lm for glm-objects erroneous and 
does it yield 
incorrect scale-location plots?

Fitting a normal linear model for observations with
variances proportional to  w .
A glm-fit using weights=1/w
yields a scale-location plot which shows defects in the
variance model.



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