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CART Data Mining 2004, San Francisco, March 22-24, 2004

Below are links for the registration and the 
latest scheduling information. Please note that you can register with an early-bird 
discount if you register NOW and write the words "SCHEDULE" on your 
registration form.

Homepage: http://www.cartdatamining.com
Detailed Conference Schedule: http://www.cartdatamining.com/program.htm
Registration (San Francisco): http://www.cartdatamining.com/RegCART04.pdf

OPENING SESSION, Monday March 22nd, 7:30 PM

Personal recollections of Leo Breiman, Jerome Friedman, Richard Olshen,
Charles Stone. Join us to hear Breiman, Friedman, Olshen and Stone
discuss their early research interests and trace the ideas,
decisions, and chance events that culminated in CART, their landmark work.

Join us for John Elder's popular presentation: "Top Ten Data Mining
Mistakes (with real-world examples)"

"Best Practices" for Data Mining will be (accidentally)illuminated by 
their (rarely described) opposites. Come hear cautionary tales of 
endangered projects and embarrassed teams -- and thereby perhaps avoid such a fate yourself.

Immediately Preceding the Opening Session

Introducing Jerome Friedman's TreeNet/MART and Leo Breiman's
Random Forests, revolutionary new contributions to data mining.

Cost: 35% Discount for all Conference Attendees.

Other optional pre-conference tutorials for CART, MARS and Hybrid
Modeling will be offered the week preceding the conference. These
hands-on Tutorials will be discounted 35% for conference attendees.
Tutorial Registration: http://www.cartdatamining.com/workshops.htm 

Early-bird Registration Discount Deadline extension for SAN FRANCISCO:
Must write code: SCHEDULE on the registration form.

Early-bird Registration Discount Deadline for Madrid venue: March 30, 2004

To register, please click on the links above or call: 619-543-8880

To be placed on the CART Data Mining mailing list, please respond to
info at cartdatamining.com

Please let me know if you have any 
further questions.

Lisa Solomon
lisas at salford-systems.com
619-543-8880 x14

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