[R] confidence-intervals in barchart

Dominique Couturier dominique.couturier at unine.ch
Tue Feb 10 10:52:41 CET 2004

you can find a very detailed example of barplot with CI in the volume 
3/2 of R-news (october 2003).
hope this help.

>> Hi R users,
>> 1)  How does one show confidence-intervals in a barchart and use 
>> rownames for
>> labels on the y-axes?  I have looked at "plotCI" in "gregmisc" 
>> package . But
>> it does not seem to produce something like a barchart.  The 
>> statistic, error,
>> upper-bound, and lower-bound are in a dataframe.
>> 2) How to show CI in a barchart either using the statistic and, 
>> either (a)
>> errors or (b) upper and lower bounds from a dataframe?
>> An example will be very helpful.

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