[R] The ttest.c example in R under MS Windows

Liaw, Andy andy_liaw at merck.com
Tue Feb 10 15:53:33 CET 2004

Works just fine for me with the recommended compilers and tools.  Here's a
transcript of the build:

c:\tools\R-1.8.1\src\gnuwin32>Rcmd install windlgs

---------- Making package windlgs ------------
  adding build stamp to DESCRIPTION
  making DLL ...
making ttest.d from ttest.c
gcc   -Ic:/tools/R-1.8.1/src/include -Wall -O2
graphapp  -c ttest.c -o ttest.o
ar cr windlgs.a *.o
ranlib windlgs.a
windres --include-dir c:/tools/R-1.8.1/src/include  -i windlgs_res.rc -o
gcc  --shared -s  -o windlgs.dll windlgs.def windlgs.a windlgs_res.o
/R-1.8.1/src/gnuwin32  -lg2c -lR
  ... DLL made
  installing DLL
  installing R files
  installing man source files
  installing indices
  installing help
 >>> Building/Updating help pages for package 'windlgs'
     Formats: text html latex example
  menu.ttest                        text    html    latex   example
 >>> Building/Updating help pages for package 'windlgs'
     Formats: chm
  menu.ttest                                                        chm
Microsoft HTML Help Compiler 4.74.8702

Compiling c:\tools\R-1.8.1\src\gnuwin32\windlgs\chm\windlgs.chm

Compile time: 0 minutes, 2 seconds
2       Topics
4       Local links
0       Internet links
1       Graphic

Created c:\tools\R-1.8.1\src\gnuwin32\windlgs\chm\windlgs.chm, 22,531 bytes
Compression increased file by 8,709 bytes.
  adding MD5 sums

And here's the test:
> library(windlgs)
To remove the Statistics menu use del.ttest()
> x <- runif(10)
> y <- runif(20)
[click on `Statistics' from the menu, choose `ttest:1' and fill in.]
> menu.ttest()

        Welch Two Sample t-test

data:  x and y 
t = 2.1473, df = 22.03, p-value = 0.04303
alternative hypothesis: true difference in means is not equal to 0 
95 percent confidence interval:
 0.007352435 0.422008138 
sample estimates:
mean of x mean of y 
0.6706490 0.4559688 


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> Subject: [R] The ttest.c example in R under MS Windows
> We are trying to compile and run the ttest.c example that 
> comes with R (in
> C:\Program Files\R\rw1081\src\library\windlgs\src\ttest.c). 
> After compiling
> it with MS Visual C++ we load the DLL with dyn.load. 
> So far it seems good, but when we try to call it from R (after running
> C:\Program Files\R\rw1081\src\library\windlgs\R\windlgs.R) R crashes.
> We have tried changing the exports from DLL but have failed 
> so far. Since I
> have a guy helping me who is fluent in MS Visual C++ I believe we are
> missing something crucial. Have anyone compiled and used the 
> example above
> using MS Visual C++? Has anyone done this using the gcc (or 
> Mingw) compiler
> on MS Windows?
> I would be very glad to find a complete example for compiling under MS
> Windows.
> - Lennart
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