[R] levelplot colorkey

Jeff Jorgensen jcjorgensen at wisc.edu
Wed Feb 11 01:07:35 CET 2004

Dear R'ers,

I've scanned available documentation and the web, but I can't seem to 
figure out where I've gone wrong in adding numbers to scale the colorkey in 
levelplot (Lattice package).  For example,

levelplot(z, contour=T, labels=T, cuts=10, region=T,...
            colorkey=list(T, space="bottom",

If I leave out the colorkey command the levelplot function works great, if 
I put it in I get the following error mesage:

Error in draw.colorkey(x$colorkey) : length(col) must be length(at)-1

Is there a way to find out length(col) (BTW, does col=color?) so that I can 
readjust the label locations (at=...), or have I completely missed 
something obvious that would quickly fix this up?


Jeff Jorgensen


Jeff Jorgensen

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University of Wisconsin Madison           ph (608) 263-2304
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