[R] MCD-Estimator in R

Uwe Ligges ligges at statistik.uni-dortmund.de
Wed Feb 11 09:38:03 CET 2004

Miriam Dreißig wrote:
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> </STYLE><P>Hello!</P><P>I have a question concerning the use of the MCD-es=
> timator in the funtion 'lda' and 'qda'. I'm working with the R-version 1.7=
> .0, which doesn't allow to use 'cov.mcd' in either 'lda'&nbsp;ot 'qda' (on=
> ly the cov.mve etc. but that's not what I need). So, I was wondering if th=
> e newer verions do. Thanks for your help.</P><P>Best regards,</P><P>Miriam=
>  Drei=DFig</P><P>&nbsp;</P></body></html>
> =5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=5F=
> =5F=5F=5F=5F<br>Erdbeben im Iran: Zehntausende Kinder brauchen Hilfe. UNICEF hilft=
>  den<br>Kindern - helfen Sie mit! https://www.unicef.de/spe/spe=5F03.php

Please tell your e-mail software to send plain text messages to lists 
like this.
Please upgrade to the recent version, R-1.8.1, since many bugs are fixed 
  and a lot of features have been introduced.
Please note that lda() and qda() are in package MASS in the VR package 
bundle, not in R itself.
Finally, documentation does not mention 'cov.mcd' in the recent version 
of the VR bundle.

Uwe Ligges

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