[R] RGui (Windows) crashes after use of a Salford Fortran DLL

Liaw, Andy andy_liaw at merck.com
Wed Feb 11 14:01:49 CET 2004

My suggestion would be to make sure that your code works with the
recommended compilers, and that the problem is not in your code.  (This is
harder than you might think:  I recently found a bug in a Fortran subroutine
that crashes R _only_ if I use the latest GCC _and_ turn on optimization.)


> From: Steve Roberts
> Anybody out there successfully using the Salford Fortran compilers 
> with R? 
> I have created a DLL using the Salford FTN95 compiler and it works 
> in as far I can dyn.load it, run the routines and get the  right 
> answers back. Unfortunately subsequently, sometime later, the 
> Rgui crashes (access violation I think from the DrWatson log). The 
> crashes depend on whether or not I paste the code as one big 
> chunk, or as little chunks, and sometimes I can do a few things 
> before it crashes and other times not - but if I do exactly the same 
> things the crashes are reproducible. The crashes are sometimes in 
> the DLL and sometimes in pure R code. R1.7.1 and 1.8.1 seem to 
> behave identically. Windows 2000 Pro.
> I do get the dyn.load warning about the DLL changing the FPU 
> control word.
> Does this ring any bells with anyone?
> Steve.
>   Dr Steve Roberts 
>   steve.roberts at man.ac.uk
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