[R] Importing BSQ/BIP/BIL files into R

Jonathan Greenberg greenberg at ucdavis.edu
Thu Feb 12 22:45:55 CET 2004

I was hoping I could get some help with an import question.  I work with
remote sensing imagery which commonly comes in binary form in various
interleaving formats (byte interleaved by line, by pixel, etc..).  These
files are 2d spatial x B bands in size, and I want to be able to extract the
band values from various pixels (so each line of data into R would be one
pixel x B bands).

What's the easiest way of importing this type of data?  These files are
often massive (4 - 16gb), so is there a way of having R read the lines of
the data as I am running the process, rather than trying to load the whole
image into memory at once?  Thanks!  For those of you with remote sensing
experience, I'm using RSI's ENVI package.


Jonathan Greenberg
Graduate Group in Ecology, U.C. Davis
AIM: jgrn307 or jgrn3007
MSN: jgrn307 at msn.com or jgrn3007 at msn.com

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