[R] Windows dll compilation (mingw32): how to find R.h and other head er files when sketching short functions

Paul Hewson PHewson at devon.gov.uk
Fri Feb 13 13:37:33 CET 2004

Sorry, this seems like a particularly stupid question, but here goes.   It
relates to some "sketching" work I'm doing under Windoze.

I can only get my C code to find R.h and friends if I shift these header
files files and folders into the analogous mingw32 folders.   This seems a
rather clumsy way of doing things, and I wondered what I've missed?   (I'm
using the gcc -02 etc. commands as per Venables and Ripley's S Programming -
which works fine.   However, having a duplicate set of header files doesn't
seem too elegant)

I have no problem compiling (other peoples) packages from source, but my own
code isn't quite ready to be packaged yet.

Thanks for any pointers.


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