[R] predict function

Thomas Jagoe tjagoe at liverpool.ac.uk
Fri Feb 13 19:25:35 CET 2004

I am using R to do a loess normalisation procedure.
In 1.5.1 I used the following commands to normalise the variable "logratio",
over a 2d surface (defined by coordinates x and y):

> array <- read.table("121203B_QCnew.txt", header=T, sep="\t")
> array$logs555<-log(array$s555)/log(2)
> array$logs647<-log(array$s647)/log(2)
> array$logratio<-array$logs555-array$logs647
> array$logav<-(array$logs555+array$logs647)/2
> library(modreg)
> loess2d<-loess(logratio~x+y,data=array)
> array$logratio2DLoeNorm <-array$logratio - predict.loess(loess2d, array)

However in 1.8.1 all goes well until the last step when I get an error:

Error: couldn't find function "predict.loess"

Can anyone help ?


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